Women’s History Month Music Resources

Curated by David Bickel of Music Impact Network

Music & Podcast Playlists



  • Building Beats – BuildUP – (March 9, 2021) A virtual event for women and non-binary music producers to discuss, learn and grow by sharing recent work and feedback
  • Hirshhorn – Respect Her Crank – Explore the roles of Black women in American music history through weekly virtual workshops in music production, songwriting and more
  • Mix Like A Girl – Empowering this and future generations of women in audio
  • SWIM International Women’s Day Meetup – (March 8, 2021) a productive networking session and discussion on the state of women leaders in MI and how to foster greater inclusion in the industry, and beyond (added by D’Addario Foundation)


Music Industry Resources

  • #WomxnCrush Music – Dedicated to creating opportunities through community for inspiring rising womxn songwriters
  • Amplify Her Voice – Promoting gender equality in the music industry through awareness, education, & empowerment
  • FEMMUSIC.com – The place for emerging women in music
  • Her Industry – Educating and inspiring young women who want to make a positive difference in the music industry
  • shesaid.so – Global community of women and gender minorities in the music industry
  • Change the Conversation – Fighting gender inequality in the music industry by providing support, education, and community for female artists and executives
  • Digital Divas Nashville – Empowering women at the intersection of Music and Digital through networking, mentoring, and support
  • Girl Gang Music – A community all about elevating women & non-binary people killing it in music.
  • Girls I Rate – Pushing equality & opportunities for future female creatives
  • National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment – A diverse non-profit, networking, empowerment and resource base for women in the business of music and entertainment
  • Vocal Girls – Championing new artists and gigs with a focus on female and LGBTQ+ talent
  • Women In Music – A nonprofit organization working to educate, empower and advance women in the music industry
  • Women in the Music Industry – A platform to highlight women behind the scenes in the music industry
  • Women’s International Music Network – The WiMN connects women who work in the music industry, and holds the annual She Rocks Awards in LA
  • SWIM (Smart Women In Music) – supports women in the music products industry to develop their leadership aspirations and to broaden and deepen their leadership proficiencies (added by D’Addario Foundation)


Music Production & Engineering Resources

  • BEATS BY GIRLZ – Non-traditional, creative and educational music technology curriculum, collective and community
  • Gender Amplified – A movement celebrating and supporting women music producers
  • MammaBarra.com – Erin Barra, music and tech educator, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, entrepreneur, and activist
  • SoundGirls – Dedicated to empowering the next generation of women in audio
  • Women’s Audio Mission – Dedicated to the advancement of women, girls and nonbinary individuals in music and the recording arts
  • Women Beatmakers – Public Facebook group dedicated to women beatmakers
  • Women Produce Music – Bringing together pioneers, established & emerging artists, producers & engineers to make an album
  • Womxn & Audio – A group of womxn from Seattle, WA interested in recording and engineering


Resources for Instrumentalists

  • Drum Like a Lady – Curating inspiring events and lecture/performances that promote personal and communal wellness through the arts
  • Girls March – Empowering young women through music and leadership
  • Hit Like a Girl Contest – International contest for female drummers, percussionists and beat makers
  • She Shreds – Dedicated to women and non binary guitarists & bassists a community-driven, comprehensive answer to guitar culture and music media
  • Tom Tom Mag – The only media company in the world dedicated to female and Gender Non conforming drummers


Additional Communities & Organizations

  • EQL Directory – Amplifying the careers and achievements of women working behind-the-scenes in audio and production
  • International Alliance for Women in Music – IAWM continues to press for visibility, equity and inclusion of women in all areas and capacities of music
  • Female Frequency – A community dedicated to empowering female, transgender & non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female generated
  • Girls Rock Camp Alliance – An international membership network of youth-centered arts and social justice organizations
  • She Rock She Rock – Empowering girls, women, trans and nonbinary folks through the art of music
  • Women Who Rock – Empowering #womeninmusic & Benefit Concerts to “Rock the Future of Women’s Health”