Soundcheck: Black Violin give private performance and Q&A to Nashville Public School students

City Winery in Nashville hosts Soundcheck experience for Music Makes Us Students

A note from Jason Walsh, Instructor (Nashville Public Schools):

“The D’Addario Foundation’s private sound check performance was an exceptional experience from start to finish. The students were made to feel welcomed and respected by both the City Winery employees and the artists. The artist was welcoming and thoughtful when answering all the students questions and allowed the students to have an experience that is often not afforded to them. They were also exceptional musicians who related their experiences to their music education which opened many of student’s eyes to the possibilities that were available in the music industry.

For these students, the experience to see a live music venue, a live act, and people operating on a professional level doing something that they can relate to personally is a very rare one. Many of these students do not have the discretionary income to attend these types of venues and / or see this level of musicianship and for them to be made to feel valuable while seeing what the world of music can offer will last with many of them for their entire lives.

I thank D’Addario and the City Winery for giving this experience to our students.”