Inquiries for Support


Thank you for your interest in the D’Addario Foundation. Does your organization meet our funding objectives?

  • Not-for-profit or equivalent status
  • Affordable or tuition-free instrument instruction
  • Frequent instruction; ideally multiple days per week and available as long as possible in a student’s education
  • Addressing a need in the community

If so, please write us at providing a description of your program. We will review and respond as soon as possible.


Feel your program does not meet all of the above criteria but uniquely serves a need? Write to us at for feedback and a possible invitation to formally apply for support.


Please keep in mind we do not fund the following:

  • Individuals
  • Religious, veteran or fraternal organizations
  • Telethons, benefits, or fundraisers
  • Capital campaigns, endowments or building fund drives
  • Political or lobbying organizations
  • Short-term initiatives such as performances, masterclasses, festivals, workshops, concerts, summer camps, drum circles, or competitions
  • Band boosters or private schools
  • Instruments, equipment, or music material requests


The D’Addario Foundation reserves the right to not respond to a request that clearly does not meet the above stated criteria.