Music education builds self-confidence, creativity, discipline and the ability to reconcile conflicting ideas. If your program is aligned with these beliefs and goals, we want to help. Please be sure to follow the guidelines and apply below.

General Guidelines
  1. You may only apply for support once in a year’s time, at one of the two deadlines.

  2. All new organizations must submit a letter of inquiry first before filling out a grant application.  Please follow the instructions on this website for letter of inquiry submissions.

  3. All applicants whether you have been funded before or not must reapply each year for continued support. You will not receive a reminder from the Foundation about the application deadlines. It’s your responsibility to submit on time.

  4. All applications and follow-up reports must be submitted via this website. Please do not send materials to our corporate offices, unless directed otherwise.

  5. Please review the FAQ’s before submitting an application.  If you have any questions, please submit them to

  6. If you have received a grant award previously it is not necessary to submit a letter of inquiry for continued support. To reapply go directly to the full grant application and apply by the appropriate deadline.

Key Dates
Seeking Support First Half of Year
Letter of Inquiry Deadline July 31, 2015
Grant Application Deadline September 15, 2015
Grant Decisions Made By December 31, 2015
Grant Awards Mailed Starting January 15, 2016
Seeking Support Second Half of Year
Letter of Inquiry Deadline January 31, 2016
Grant Application Deadline March 15, 2016
Grant Decisions Made By June 15, 2016
Grant Awards Mailed Starting July 15, 2016