Music education builds self-confidence, creativity, discipline and the ability to reconcile conflicting ideas. If your program is aligned with these beliefs and goals, we want to help. Please be sure to follow the guidelines and apply below.

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Seeking Support First Half of Year
Letter of Inquiry Deadline July 31, 2018 CLOSED
Grant Application Deadline September 30, 2018 CLOSED
Grant Decisions Made By January 01, 2019
Grant Awards Mailed Starting January 31, 2019
Seeking Support Second Half of Year
Letter of Inquiry Deadline January 31, 2019 OPEN
Grant Application Deadline March 31, 2019 OPEN
Grant Decisions Made By July 08, 2019
Grant Awards Mailed Starting July 15, 2019
General Guidelines
  1. You may only apply for support once in a year’s time, at one of the two deadlines.

  2. All new not-for-profit organizations must submit a letter of inquiry first before filling out a grant application.  If you previously submitted an LOI but were not invited to submit a formal grant, you may re-submit an LOI.  Please follow the instructions on this website for letter of inquiry submissions.  Keep in mind once the letter of inquiry is received,  you will only hear from us if you are invited to formally apply.

  3. Whether you have been funded before or not, ALL applicants must reapply each year for continued support. You will not receive a reminder from the Foundation about the application deadlines. It’s your responsibility to submit on time.

  4. All applications and follow-up reports must be submitted via this website. Please do not send materials to our corporate offices, unless directed otherwise.

  5. Please review the FAQ’s before submitting an application.  If you have any questions, please submit them to

  6. If you have received a grant award or product donation previously, it is not necessary to submit a letter of inquiry for continued support. To reapply, go directly to the full grant application and apply by the appropriate deadline.

  7. If your application is accepted for the first half of the year (September), then you will receive your grant by mid-January of the following year at the earliest.  If your application is accepted for the second half of the year (March), then you will receive your grant by starting mid-July of that same year.   Do not expect your grant to arrive before that point, and please plan accordingly.

  8. Although we primarily support private sector non-profit programs, if you are an existing in-school music program seeking additional support, you may still write a letter of inquiry.  In most cases if a program qualifies, we are happy to recommend and forward your application on to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation,, Little Kids Rock Foundation,, VH1 Save the Music, or other organizations directly assisting school music programs.

  9. We do not fund individuals, religious, veteran or fraternal organizations, telethons, benefits, or fundraisers, capital campaigns, endowments or building fund drives, political or lobbying organizations, vocal or piano programs, performances, songwriting workshops, drum circles, band boosters, or private schools.  If you apply for support of any of the above mentioned, please be advised that you may not receive a response.

  10. The D’Addario Foundation prefers not to provide funding for the purpose of purchasing equipment or instruments.  If you have instrument needs we recommend you reach out to the following organizations; Hungry for Music, Instruments in the Cloud,  and Todd Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony Foundation.