College Scholarship Fund



Must be a fully vetted partner of the D’Addario Foundation for at least two years

In operation for at least 4 years

Provide instruction at least twice per week for at least 30 weeks per year



Student enrolled in music program for at least three years

Student in “good standing”- no attendance or behavioral issues

Student must apply to and be accepted to higher learning institution to qualify

Need assessment



Short informational application

Essay (what they learned from being involved in their music program)

Recommendation letter from teacher

High-school transcript

After students submit applications, an interview is conducted, portraits of the applicants taken and each student becomes part of a “Hall of Fame” to celebrate and monitor their progress.



The scholarship is up to $8,000 total, disbursed over eight payments/four years. Twice a year, scholars submit their grades from the previous semester and proof of enrollment for the following semester. Students need to maintain a 2.5 GPA and be enrolled full time (at least 12 units each semester or quarter) to receive the full payment ($1000). $1000 per semester is enough to assist students with the cost of books, transportation and food.



Assignment of a scholarship recipient coordinator at the D’Addario Foundation to monitor progress of current award recipients, remind students to submit grades and continue to nurture relationships

Scholarship recipients encouraged to report as often as possible as well as return to their community programs to mentor other students and share their story



The scholarship develops a college-going culture and mind-set in students

Since most students are first-generation college students, the scholarship makes the prospect of college real and tangible for students and families.

The scholarship is something students can achieve through their own efforts.

The scholarship will help cover the cost of attending college. It will generally cover the cost of attending a community college for two years — or will help pay the bills at a 4-year college or university.

The scholarship opportunity improves student retention in high school and their music program, because students have to participate at least three years AND students have to be participating when they graduate from high school.

The scholarship will encourage growth in participation of the music education programs