Made possible by the Rita & Herbert Z. Gold Charitable Trust, our College Scholarship Fund encourages students that have dedicated themselves to their community music programs to apply to & attend college. The primary purpose of this scholarship is to support the continued educational development (whether in music or another subject) of students in need by helping cover expenses of college such as tuition, books, supplies, and transportation. This scholarship is only open to high school seniors who participate in non-profit music programs that align the qualifications below.


Non-Profit Organization Qualifications:

  • Must be a fully vetted grantee of the D’Addario Foundation for at least 2 years
  • In operation for at least 4 years
  • Provide instruction at least twice per week for at least 30 weeks per year

Student Qualifications:

  • Student enrolled in music program for at least 3 years
  • Student in “good standing”; no attendance or behavioral issues
  • Student must apply to and be accepted to higher learning institution to qualify

If you are a non-profit program that fits within the above guidelines and have a student who you qualifies to apply for this scholarship, please email us for more information.