D’Addario Foundation Board of Directors and Advisors

Board of Directors

Avatar of Jonathan Turitz

Jonathan Turitz

Chief Creative Officer, D'Addario
Avatar of Josh Lohrius

Josh Lohrius

Creative Director, Olson Engage
Avatar of Margaret Martin

Margaret Martin

Founder / National Director, Harmony Project
Avatar of Janet D'Addario

Janet D'Addario

Artist and Philanthropist
Avatar of Tom Szaky

Tom Szaky

Founder and CEO, Terracycle
Avatar of Amy D'Addario

Amy D'Addario

Director of Brand, D'Addario
Avatar of Dahlia Ambach Caplin

Dahlia Ambach Caplin

Music Industry Executive
Avatar of Mike Luba

Mike Luba

Co-President & Co-Founder, Madison House Presents

Board of Advisors

Avatar of Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey

D’Addario Education Manager
Avatar of Lyris Hung

Lyris Hung

D’Addario Orchestral Manager
Avatar of Mark Nuccio

Mark Nuccio

Acclaimed Musician and Educator
Avatar of Prof. Thomas Offermann

Prof. Thomas Offermann

Classical Guitar Pedagogue
Avatar of Sarah Blackman

Sarah Blackman



Avatar of Suzanne D’Addario Brouder

Suzanne D’Addario Brouder

Executive Director
Avatar of Danielle Hall

Danielle Hall